New Boiler Grant Wales-Free Boiler Apply In 60 Seconds

New Boiler Grant Wales-Free Boiler Apply In 60 Seconds

If you need a new boiler grant Wales, look no further. The UK government ECO4 scheme offers a solution for eligible households, making it possible to upgrade to a more efficient heating system free of cost. In winter, having an efficient boiler is necessary; however, installing a new boiler can be a significant financial burden.

But if you live in Wales and claim one of the qualifying benefits and your home has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E or lower, you may be eligible for a FREE BOILER or other government-funded energy-saving grants. At Free Boiler Scheme, we are here to help you access the ECO4 Boiler Scheme in Wales, which provides free boiler schemes to eligible Welsh homeowners and private tenants.

Let’s dig deeper in detail about new boiler grants in Wales, how to qualify for them, and what benefits they offer.

Understanding The New Boiler Grants Wales

Boiler Grants Wales-What Are They?

Boiler Grants are government schemes that help households replace or upgrade their ageing, inefficient boilers. In Wales, these boiler grants are essential to the country’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. Old boilers not only increase energy expenses but also hurt the environment. Boiler Grants Wales is vital in encouraging the adoption of energy-efficient heating systems, lowering carbon emissions, and safeguarding Wales’ future sustainability.

What Are The Government Heating Grants In Wales?

These grants are part of the UK’s ECO Scheme and are available in Wales.They provide new heating funding Wales to low-income and vulnerable families allowing them to replace their ageing boilers with newer, more efficient home heating systems.

Is The Government Offering a New Boiler Grant For Pensioners In Swansea, Wales?

The new boiler grant for Swansea pensioners is only accessible to people who get Pension Credit guarantee credit, Pension Credit savings credit, or fulfil the eco4 scheme requirements. It is mainly for non-condensing boilers in homes with an EPC rating of G, F, or E. The grant is only accessible to persons receiving qualifying benefits.

Now, let’s discuss who can be eligible for free boiler grants.

Eligibility Criteria For Boiler Grants Wales 2024 In Cardiff and Newport

Here is the complete list of eligibility conditions for claiming boiler grants in Wales 2024.

  • Postcode and Ownership

To get this help, you need to live in Wales. The grant is only for homeowners and private tenants because you’ll need to make changes to the property, which means you either have to own it or get permission from your landlord.

It’s worth mentioning that boiler grants are available in all Welsh cities and towns. The government aims to assist as many households as possible in upgrading their homes.

  • Income & Benefits

Because the incentive is only available to low-income and vulnerable families in Wales, you must have an annual income of less than £31,000.

  • EPC Rating

The boiler grant is intended to help low-income households upgrade their home’s heating system to make it more efficient. As a result, you can only qualify if your property’s EPC rating indicates that it is not energy efficient. As a result, you must have an EPC rating of D, E, F, or G.

For example, if you match all of the eligibility conditions but your property has an EPC grade of B, you will be unable to receive the Wales boiler grant.

  • Current Boiler

Finally, you should know that you can only qualify for a back boiler replacement grant if your boiler meets the eligibility requirements. It should be fifteen years old.

How To Apply For a New Boiler Grant?

Applying for ECO4 boiler funding is straightforward! Follow these easy steps:

Apply Online.

Please apply using our simple form. If you meet the criteria, we will contact you via email or phone.

Quick Survey

We will conduct a fast technical survey and work around your schedule to make it convenient.

We Install.

Our expert installers will complete the improvements, providing you peace of mind.

Don’t delay! Book your free boiler survey today. We’ll provide accurate information so you know exactly what’s going on every step of the journey.

Which Boilers Qualify For The Eco Grants UK?

Wales residents can receive 100% financing to upgrade the boilers listed below. We are currently accepting GAS and BACK BOILERS for exchange.

  1. Non Condensing Boiler Grant: All non-condensing combi boilers will be replaced with high-efficiency boilers.
  2. Back Boiler Grant: Back boilers can be converted to a combi boiler on the wall for free.

If you have any concerns or want to follow up on your boiler grant application, please contact us, and one of our highly experienced team members will assist you.New combi boilers work at approximately 90% efficiency, losing only 10% output. A boiler will be between 65% and 80% efficient for at least ten years. So, changing your old boiler to a fresh new one will result in significant savings that justify the cost, and you should be eligible for the free boiler scheme Wales.

Benefits of Free Boiler Grants in Wales

  • Energy Efficiency

Switching to a new, energy-efficient boiler helps you use less energy, which means you’ll see lower energy bills and save money over time. Plus, it’s good for the environment since you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Cost Savings

Getting a new boiler can be expensive, but free boiler grants make it much more affordable. This is especially helpful for families who might struggle with the high costs of a new heating system.

  • Environmental Impact

Modern boilers are better for the environment. Using these grants to install eco-friendly boilers, we’re helping Wales meet its environmental goals and make our communities greener and healthier.

Take Advantage Of New Boiler Grants In Wales

Suppose you are a homeowner, tenant, or landlord in Cardiff and Newport or elsewhere in Wales, experiencing problems with an inefficient or defective boiler. You may be eligible for a free boiler grant at the Free Boiler Scheme. You may improve your heating system and lower your energy expenses by using government programs like the ECO4 scheme UK.

If you have oil heating, you may be eligible for oil boiler grants in Wales. Contact us at +01 617 060 433 or for more information on grants for new boilers in Wales and how to apply.

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